Scrawl Notes

The digital version of writing on your hands

Scrawl is an app you throw text into. Big ol' sack of text. It's useful for keeping track of stuff you want to remember now, but not, like, forever. Scrawl’s simple one-note (no relation) interface keeps things uncomplicated, and once you've entered something into Scrawl, it's available all kinds of places.

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Scrawl Notes displaying a bunch of text.

On Lock

The lock screen. It’s just the useless screen that scans your face and lets you turn on the flashlight, right? Wrong. Turns out, we can stick arbitrary text on it, too! Swipe right (😏) to access your notes, without unlocking your phone and dealing with the world at large.

Watch Out!

Want even less space for your notes? Why not put them on your wrist? Scrawl for Apple Watch lets you strap arbitrary text to your arm all day long! You can even edit your notes on the go, if that’s the kind of thing you’re into.

Still too much space? Place extremely tiny bits of your notes directly on your watch face, so you can see them at a glance.


Turns out, some of us have jobs that require us to sit and stare at a computer all day. Why should that time be devoid of the ability to jot down small text snippets? Scrawl comes in a delicious macOS (and only macOS) flavor as well, for all your desktop data storage needs.

Talking to Yourself

Are you an over-sharer? Have your favorite Apple-designed digital assistant read or add to your notes out loud. Works with AirPods (not great for sharing), your phone (reasonably okay for sharing), and even HomePod (great for sharing).

The Hard Sell

Scrawl isn't a complicated app. It's not even a particularly good app. It's just a place to put some text for a bit, and then look at it later. If that doesn't sell you on it, you probably don't want it. But if it does sell you on it: good news! It's free! I'm not even going to sell your information to pay for it! Act quick to take advantage of this unlimited-time offer!