Okay, you caught me. There is, technically, a Windows version of Scrawl. Thing is, it’s just not very good. For one, it doesn’t sync with the other apps; if you put some text in Scrawl for Windows, that’s where it stays.

It also just hasn’t been touched in years. I’m honestly not sure what the state of it is, or if it continues to run on modern versions of Windows.

If you’d like there to be a better Windows version of Scrawl Notes, you should e-mail me about it; if I get enough interest, who knows what could happen?

There currently aren’t apps for other platforms at all. Android is the obvious gap here, but I don’t know what kinds of features Android users would want in a version of Scrawl Notes. If you’re interested in seeing this, follow this link to buy me a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip for research purposes.

If you’d like a Linux version of Scrawl, follow this link instead.