Your data is yours, not mine. I don’t want it. I can barely handle my own personal issues, let alone everyone else’s.

Anyways, here’s some more specific details:


If you visit the Scrawl Notes website (this website!) using a web browser, either a standalone browser or the one included inside the Scrawl Notes app, some metadata about that visit is logged temporarily. This may include: your IP address, some information about the browser making the request (such as OS, browser version, etc.), and the time and date of the request.

I basically never look at these logs, but they’re useful for diagnosing issues, and can be used to watch for trends such as where new users are being referred from. These logs are deleted automatically after two weeks.

Customer Support

If you e-mail me, I have the contents of that e-mail and the address that it came from. That’s… kinda how e-mail works. I generally keep these e-mails forever because it helps root out the trouble-makers identify problems that multiple customers have had, and so I can send updates if I make changes to Scrawl Notes based on your feedback. If you’d rather I not keep your e-mails, let me know in a follow-up e-mail. I’ll delete them and try my best to forget you ever existed.

Third Party Services


Hopefully you’ve heard of these guys. Apple’s privacy policy details how Apple handles your data.

Apple and I share data in two ways:

  1. Apple may (depending on your iOS settings) collect some analytics about your use of Scrawl Notes and send anonymized bulk reports to me for identifying crashes, general usage trends, etc.

  2. If you use the iCloud Sync feature of Scrawl Notes (enabled by default), the text of your notes is stored on Apple’s servers. I have no access to this data; I can’t read it, I can’t delete it, I can’t even see whether a given user has notes stored in iCloud.

Literally No One Else

Seriously. That’s it.

Other Information

This privacy policy might change over time. It was last updated on September 8th, 2020. A full change history is available if you’re into that kind of thing.

This privacy policy currently only applies to the macOS and iOS versions of Scrawl Notes. Yes, technically there’s also a Windows version… but we don’t speak of it. If you want to harass me into defining a privacy policy of the Windows app, I’m probably just gonna pull it. Don’t ruin it for the 31 people who downloaded that app.

If you have any questions about anything on this page, or have some other concern, send me an e-mail.